Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, within the framework of the INSiGHTS project pilot activities, organized a workshop for local tourist guides. The workshop took place on March 18, 2019 in Litija.

The response to the invitation published in local newspapers was unexpected – over 50 people from the region applied and attended the event. Educational workshop was suitable for anyone who is interested in tourism and working with tourists, even if they did not have much experience in the field as well as for those who wanted to renew their knowledge. Education was free for all attendees; the expenses of the event were co-funded by the INSIGHTS project – drawing funds from European Union funds (ERDF).

The attendees were acquainted with the basics of management and guiding skills in tourism, like the etiquette and guide code, the role of the tour guide in the development of the destination and the psychology of tourist guidance.

The lecture was conducted by Iztok Bončina from the agency Palladio, an agency for education in tourism and photography. Mr. Bončina is a long-standing tourist guide, a freelance photographer and a photojournalist, a professor of art history, a diver, astronomer and also a traveller. In the last twenty years he has organized, managed and conducted hundreds of seminars for tourist guides and guides for the region throughout Slovenia. He was one of the founders of the Association of Tourist Guides of Slovenia and for many years its chairman. Mr. Bončina was also for many years a member of the examination board for obtaining a tourist guide licence at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)