DRIM - Promotion of DRIM and DTP at INTERACT's Migration and Integration conference


DRIM was one of the three projects invited to the conference Migration and Inclusion in the European Union jointly organized by INTERACT’s (EU’s programme for promotion of Territorial Cooperation and Interreg programmes) and University of Valencia in Spain. Martina Bofulin, DRIM project manager took part in the round table on the role of European Territorial Cooperation and Interreg in the migrants’ integration. She introduced the program and especially its fourth priority Well Governed Danube region, as well as DRIM results, emphasizing the role of Danube Compass information platform that supports migrants in getting information they need in their everyday lives. At the round table the representative from Interreg Central Europe. Mrs. Chiara Casarella, also emphasized that the new projects tackling migration challenges in Central Europe were already instructed to build on the results of DRIM in order to maximize the capitalization between the projects in the area. 

The round table was introduced by wonderful DRIM performers Ms Kaja Grozina and Ervin Šišić who captured the audience with their humorous depiction of problems migrants face when they are seeking information and what kind of support Danube Compass offers in this respect. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)