Finance4SocialChange - 2nd Regional Stakeholder Group Workshop in Budapest


Regional Stakeholder Group Workshop hosted by IFKA on February 05 in Budapest was an opportunity for the key players in the social enterprise field of Hungary to meet and discuss the possible cooperation.

17 participant representing financial institutions, business accelerators, social enterprises and association of social impact investors met for the first time with IFKA and discovered Finance4Socialchange project activities, in which they can particiapte and contribute.

Workshop was openned with the welcome speech from IFKA representative – Áron Jakab, who has discribed the workshop agenda: to have a short introduction from each workshop participant and then a presentation of Finance4SocailChange project.

After presentation of project activities, stakeholders participation in the work packages were discussed:


- Interviews with stakeholders as representatives of social enterprises or social impact investors – in order to identify good practises of investment into SE and share it between the countries;

- Pitching sessions for SEs presenting to Investors in Croatia, Romania and Slovakia – in which stakeholders can participate as an SE accelerator or Investor. 


- Stakeholders will be the basis for SII Expert Community in Hungary committed to work together towards shaping the regulatory framework for proper functioning of financial market for SEs.

- Policy learning workshops in Austria, Croatia and Romania – in which stakeholders can participate;

- Regional action plan created for Hungarian SII Expert Community;

- Further integration with other 11 Expert Communities and Global Social Entrepreneurship Network or another relevant international network.


- Development of training materials, which can be shaped according to the needs of SE accelerators, Investors or Financial intermediaries.

- Innovative Learning Camps in 11 countries – will be common events where stakeholders from Hungary can participate as lectors / mentors.


- Hungarian stakeholders are welcome to participate in Transnational Business Plan Competition fo SEs in 4 country groups;

- Stakeholders can contribute by evaluating SEs business models or become a partner / investor in SEs pilot initiatives.

It was also decided that the stakeholder group will start to organize a monthly meetings in order to elaborate an action plan on how to influence the development of SE field as a whole, inclluding access to funding and skills development of social entrepreneurs. Next meeting will be held in the premises of Impact Hub Budapest on the 5th March 2019. all participants have to prepare their suggestions to the Action Plan. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)