DRIM - Train the trainer Seminar for Implementation of Danube Compass in Public Institutions (13th - 14th of September 2018, Székesfehérvár, Hungary)


The two-day-long train-the-trainer course was moderated by DRIM PP4 G&S following the methodology prepared beforehand. The course first emphasized the importance of access to information for migrants' economic integration and the role of information in the integration process as well as onthe non-discriminative and intercultural approach at the dissemination of information by public institutions as the sine-qua-none of building trust in competent government institutions. In the second part, it explained in the detail  the philosophy and logic behind DANUBE COMPASS information platform (emphasis on the transnational approach),  provided overview of types of information and institutions relevant for migrants in the particular territory and, finally, highlighted the  learning potential of the information portal (same information in different languages enables learning through the use of the platform).

The course was joined by 40 participants, including PPs representatives, ASPs and 11 other stakeholders (representatives of the local governments, integration offices, youth councils). After the course, an on spot feedback was provided that served as a commentary for the methodology and the basis for its revision. The participants mostly wanted to see more information on Danube Compass and less intercultural approach content to be included into trainings, stressing the need of their clients and end-users for concrete information on integration measures.

Based on the experiences gained through the training in Hungary, all partners organized national trainings in their respective countries. In Slovenia, for example, the training was included into the central event of Slovenian administrative units taking place each year in October in Ljubljana. At this event, the representatives of the administrative units across Slovenia come to learn about all the new regulations, laws AND procedures to be implemented. A special panel is dedicated to the immigration laws and regulations and here DRIM was able to carry out the presentation of Danube Compass and workshop on how to practically implement it in their every-day work with migrants. 66 public employees participated in the workshop and expressed very positive feedbacks and evaluations of the tool.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)