ResInfra@DR - Public Online Consultation on Guidance Documents for RI in the Danube region extended!


The ResInfra@DR team thanks all experts, who already took part in the public online consultation! By now, ResInfra@DR received 80 responses mainly from RI practitioners and policy makers located in different Danube regions such as Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria or Romania. To invite further expertise from the RI expert community in the Danube Region and beyond deadline was extended: 15th January 2019.

Who should take part?
During 4 dialogue workshops with policymakers, managers and stakeholders involved in the planning and operation of Research Infrastructures (RI) from across the Danube macro region, the ResInfra@DR project drafted three sets of guidelines on RI management and two sets of recommendations. Guidelines cover the fields of ex-ante evaluation, monitoring, and socio-economic impact assessment of RIs. Recommendations are targeted to policymakers and managers from RIs or research organisations.

Before finalising the elaboration of the guidelines and recommendations, the ResInfra@DR project is now conducting a public online consultation on the draft documents. Policymakers, RI managers, and other stakeholders from across the Danube macro region are asked for their feedback on the draft documents, and to propose examples of good practices to be included in the documents.

The online consultation survey can be shared with the interested public and is accessible at



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)