CHESTNUT - Municipality of Velenje presented Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan


Last week, Municipality of Velenje presented Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan to the public.

In the introduction the Chestnut project was presented, along with the scope of the partnership, the individual work sets of the project and the implemented activities. Activities were also presented in determining the scenarios and objectives and the pilot actions of individual cities included in the project. The SUMP production process for the SAŠA region and the content framework defined by the guidelines for the preparation of the SUMP was presented. The draft Regional SUMP with the expected results, analysis of the current situation, strategic objectives, their sub-targets and measures was presented.

The participants in the discussion were interested in how individual measures will be implemented and whether the objectives are realistically set. The debate on the financing of individual actions from budget and European projects has also developed. Among other things, the participants were also debating about electric vehicles.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)