DRIM - DC launch in Germany


In Munich three events were chosen promotion the launch of the Danube Compass: 1) AMIGA Career day in cooperation with Centre for adult Studies (25.10. 2018); 2) at the Munich Science Days (10-13.11. 2018); and 3) in the context of the training sessions organsied for public instituitons and stakeholders in Munich (13.11. 2018). Within the AMIGA Career Days the focus was on the high potential migrant target group, companies and career organisation to whom Danube Compass was intorduced. The Munich Science Days is a four-day large-scale event with the goal of communicating scienctific and technical topics in a generally understandable way to a broader public. Danube Compass was displayed there with poster and DRIM postcards. The training session was the official introduction and at the same time training of the Danube Compass for Munich institutions and organisations working with migrants in cooperation with AWO Infocenter. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)