LENA - Training programme in Szatmár-Bereg, Hungary: Collection of wild fruits


14/09/2018 – Cégénydányád

In the frame of project LENA, practical training on collecting and processing of wild plants and fruits has begun in Szatmár-Bereg, Hungary. Firstly, participants have attended theory lessons on different wild plants, how to collect them without harming the nature. After the theoretical studies, a field demonstration was held, where participants had the opportunity to see the collection in practice.

6-7/10/2018 Barabás-Ostoros, Kaszonyi Hill

According to the ripening of different fruits, further field demonstrations were held in the area of Szatmár-Bereg Nature Park. The large number of participants not only listened to presentations, but also actively took part in collecting different wild plants (e.g. sloe and rosehips).

Until the end of 2018 local inhabitants are going to participate in several community cooking, where they can learn the different methods and tricks of jam-making from the most experienced local producers.


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)