ECO KARST - Second workshop with stakeholders organized in Notranjska Regional park


This week, a second workshop  with stakeholders of Notranjska Regional park was held in Cerknica at the Anglers' Club. The main objective of the workshop was to identify key elements of a successful Pro Biodiversity business as well as to list specific measures required for a specific ecosystem conservation.

20 stakeholders from the tourism sector, wood-processing industry, agriculture, hunting, fishery, nature conservation and speleology attended the workshop. The workshop was supported by the representatives of Slovenian Forest Service and Global Nature Fund.

In the first part of the workshop, participants selected Pro Biodiversity businesses with the highest potential for development in Notranjska Regional park. Divided in four working groups, participants identified success factors for each of the selected Pro Biodiversity business. The information they were working on was organized in five different categories: legislation, funds, infrastructure, know-how and other. Selected Pro Biodiversity businesses were marked on the map of Notranjska Regional park.

The second part of the workshop resulted with a list of actions and management practices that enable sustainable use of the ecosystem services that specific PBB depend on.

On this occasion, a third workshop in mid-January with stakeholders was also announced. The third workshop will be an opportunity to set the time frame for planned actions and management practices, clearly specifying the responsible action leader.

The second workshop with stakeholders from Notranjska Regional park was evaluated as highly successful and served as a good base for the development of the green entrepreneurship training, planned for the next year.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)