DAPhNE - Danube Ports Network (DPN): New Actor in the Danube Region's Port Governance System


Initiated in the framework of the DAPhNE - Danube Ports Network project (January 2017 – June 2019), DPN has emerged in response to a real need to address and reduce the development and innovation gap between Western and Eastern European Danube ports. DPN provides a platform for enhanced, coherent transnational and cross border cooperation among partner organisations at policy, technical and operational level. At the same time, the network offers its partner organisations better channels of engagement with EU institutions and relevant port stakeholders at national, regional and EU level. Port administrations and terminal operators are highly recommended to become a network partner.

In terms of organisation, the DPN is neither an association nor a society – which are formal membership organizations requiring registration, more complex decision-making processes etc., but rather a network, which by definition is a less formal setting bringing together partners and not members. However, the network requires management & coordination. Its governance structure, decision-making process, modus operandi & partners roles & responsibilities are governed by a Cooperation Agreement which shall not bind partner organizations or their staff to any financial or other liability without further formal documentation.

Among the services offered, DPN takes pride for:

  • Developing & implementing common interest projects & strategic initiatives,
  • Initiating port policy & network awareness activities,
  • Fostering active cooperation, strategic alliances & partnerships to benefit the network, 
  • Facilitating network collaboration & support activities.

To get more information about DPN visit our website: www.danubeports.eu

To join us, please complete and submit your application to the Technical Secretariat for review at https://danubeports.eu/join-the-network

Download the DPN flyer here:

6-sided flyer

6-sided flyer single pages version

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)