ECO KARST - Second workshop with stakeholders held in Hungary


In October 2018, a second workshop with stakeholders of the Bükk region was held in Eger, at Szt. István hotel. The workshop was attended by 45 stakeholders from the local government, business, local population and general public.

The first part of the workshop consisted of several presentations and the second part of the workshop engaged participants in interactive activities.

 A welcome speech was held by Mr. György Dudás, deputy director of the Bükk National Park Directorate, who emphasized the significance of ECO KARST project for the protection and sustainable development of the Bukk National Park.

The workshop was moderated by Ms. Ágnes Kalóckai and her team, which ensured an active and dynamic participation of all stakeholders at the workshop.

Mr. András Schmotzer, project manager at BNPD provided a brief overview of achieved results up to date and future activities within ECO KARST project in the area. On this occasion, Mr. Schmotzer announced the activities focussed on the Action Plan development together with the possibilities of green entrepreneurship actions.

Mr. Aleksander Golob, project manager of the ECO KARST project, presented a very broad topic of the multifunctional forest management through Slovenian examples (e.g. study path planning in the country). 

Pro Biodiersity Business possibilities for the Bükk region were highlighted by Mr. Udo Gattenlöhner from GNF, who gave a very accurate overview of the marketing, food certifications, sustainable tourism development possibilities, focusing on the Bükk region. The presentation was interactive which made possible for stakeholders to prioritize different PBB ideas and rank their relevance for the region. The highest ranked ideas were discussed further during the second part of the workshop.

Using the SWOT analysis and divided in three working groups, participants discussed the following fields in detail with the possibilities of local businesses developing: education (special focus on local green point network development), local products (in general) with the processed fruit products and tourism (with special attention on common distribution of events in the Bükk region). An additional group was also created in order to target the networking possibilities in the region.

The second workshop with stakeholders from the Bükk region was evaluated as highly successful and served as a good base for the development of the green entrepreneurship training, planned for the next year.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)