CultPlatForm_21 - Pilot project "Danube Art Lab" in Regensburg


The multi-layered past of the Danube region is a fascinating realm of discovery. Much of its history remains hidden from us or has been forgotten. Within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the EU project “Danube Culture Platform – Creative Spaces of the 21st Century” – realised under the auspices of the Federal Chancellery and eight other partners – highlights the history and cultural diversity of the Danube region.

The pilot projects aim to uncover hidden places of cultural heritage and to work against oblivion. In this context, contemporary art plays a significant role in the process of mediating historic locations. "The opening of the 'Danube Art Lab' in Regensburg marks a climax for the 'Danube Culture Platform' – artists illustrate this approach through their international contemporary positions.", as Ms Elisabeth Pacher the project manager of the "Danube Culture Platform" of the Austrian Federal Chancellery states.

In the “Danube Art Lab” artists develop new interpretations of the cultural legacy of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Regensburg. Hailing from the countries of the European Danube region, they spent the summer and autumn of 2017 residing
in Regensburg, in order to explore the city and its spaces: from the remnants of the Roman period to monuments of the medieval town, all the way into the twentieth century and the present day. The artists’ creative interactions with the historical remains offer the audience a new gateway into the past and present of the city on the Danube. Those willing to engage with them discover unimagined perspectives on forgotten places.

An international panel selected Catrin Bolt (Austria), Alena Foustková (Czech Republic), Milijana Istijanović (Montenegro), Nikita Kadan (Ukraine), Notburga Karl (Germany), Bojana S. Knezević (Serbia), Dumitru Oboroc (Romania), Klára Orosz (Hungary), Alexandru Raevschi (Moldova), Selma Selman (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Borjana Ventzislavova (Bulgaria). They were invited to work with the city and its history. Their public art installations were realized in the city of Regensburg and shown in an exhibition in the Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel.




Catrin Bolt (Austria)
Bayern 1 (Flickering)
Video installation, 2018
document Neupfarrplatz









Alena Foustková (Czech Republic)
The Cell: Sound of Silence
Installation, 2018
Alter Kornmarkt










Milijana Istijanović (Montenegro)
Intervention, 2018










Nikita Kadan (Ukraine)
The Inhabitants of Colosseum
Performance, Sound sculpture 2018
Colosseum, Stone Bridge

See video here.









Notburga Karl (Germany)
Intervention, 2018
Kepler Monument











Bojana S. Knezević (Serbia)
The Reveries of Commons
Sound installation, 2018
Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel









Dumitru Oboroc (Romania)
Nipple of the City
Intervention, 2018










Klára Orosz (Hungary)
The Black Tower
to be realized in 2019
Model, 2018
Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel






















Alexandru Raevschi (Moldova)
Invasion of Interpretations
Intervention, 2018









Selma Selman (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
I wish I had a German Passport
Video installation, 2018
Maximilianstraße 13









Borjana Ventzislavova (Bulgaria/Austria)
The History Theatre
Intervention, 2018
Anatomy Tower at the Royal Villa










Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)