LENA - Education for breeders of black Slavonian pigs in Vukovar Srijem County


This September (19.-29.09.) in Vukovar Srijem County were held the last group of education for breeders and potential breeders of black Slavonian pigs as part of LENA project. This last group was settled in Municipality of Babina Greda, the most western Municipality of Vukovar Srijem County, so by all four groups all parts of Vukovar Srijem County were covered and all breeders who want to participate in education had the opportunity to do it with not many kilometres to travel.

In this education breeders are introduced with many topics such as: selection of pigs, pigs breeding, feeding of pigs, production of high valued products and others. On the first day of education partners from Danube Soya were guests and they introduced breeders with their job and with the process of getting “Danube Soya” or “NonGMO” certifications. As part of the education one day was dedicated to visit the farm of black Slavonian pigs.

Taking in consideration all groups of education this was satisfactory project activity. Cooperation between Vukovar Srijem County and Danube Soya need to be praised – this is a great indicator of cooperation between partners in the implementation of Interreg projects. Project managers from VSC Ivan Domac and Danube Soya Jovana ─Éisalov are happy with their cooperation and for sure few more meetings will be held between them until the end of a project.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)