D-STIR - VIDEO: embedded humanists' opinion on d-stir method


What has the D-STIR given to me? 

When evaluating a project and its outputs it's important to follow the whole process. For D-STIR it's important to follow the D-STIR process and implementation during Pilot Activities. And to get the full overview, we had to ask our Embadded Humanists abut their work with academic researchers and business representatives. 

That is why we present you this video that reflects on 12 weeks -10 scientists - 8 countries in Danube region and 1 COMMON GOAL. These numbers characterize the D-STIR method in the Danube region, a section of which has now come to an end. How do scientists think about responsible innovation after 12 weeks?

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)