Danube GeoTour - 4th SCOM Meeting in Iron Mountain Geopark, Czech Republic


The fourth project partner meeting of the Danube GeoTour is taking place form 25th - 27th September 2018 in the Czech Republic. The meeting is going to be in the Iron Mountain Geopark in Eastern Czech Repbulic (1 hour East of the city Prag). The first two days are going to be the meeting including the main focus on the outputs of WP3 - Strategy for sustainable management of tourism pressures in geoparks, WP4 GeoProducts and WP6 GeoMarketing. On the last day every project partner is invited to a field trip in the area. All partners are looking forward to the next meeting and move forward with the deliverables and outputs of the Danube GeoTour project.


The Iron Mountains Geopark defines the territories that are formed from many large geological units, and which, with a little exaggeration, combine geology of the entire Czech Republic. An area of ​​777 square kilometers is covered with a diverse scale of rocks, almost 700 million years old. There are more than 100 kinds of rocks, with many rare and precious minerals, and sediments, with a wide range of fossils.

Some impressions of the Iron Mountain Geopark below (Copyright Iron Mountain Geopark). More information about the meeting destination: www.geoparkzh.cz/cs/


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)