TRANSGREEN - Internship stories. Behind the scenes of TRANSGREEN


Transgreen is a project that strives to connect as many and varied stakeholders as possible to technical and policy-oriented topic. Each stakeholder has a very important role and voice in building the overall process. And team members are not an exception. Today's voice is that of an intern, Miss Valeriia Scherba, who gives a touching personal account of her experience of very dedicated work in the TRANSGREEN team. Her letter sheds light on the work behind the scenes of such a complex international project. She ends her letter by wishing Good luck to the project team. We would like to wish her Good luck in her new path as a future environmental leader!

"Every student in his life has a moment of anxiety, concern for his future. Usually this happens in the last year of study at the university. We wonder what will happen next. I'll take my exams, get a diploma and what then? Even if you are 100% confident in choosing a profession, the directions, there are questions. What will I do every morning getting out of bed, where will I go, what to do? Appears a fear that binds you. So it was with me. I like studying in the specialty of environmental protection, I knew that my life will be connected with the environment. So what? Here I am an ecologist and what's next? In my head a funny picture emerges as I run through the forest and count rabbits)) Practice in World Wide Fund for Nature Danube-Carpathian Programme (WWF DCP) helped me to clarify the picture and get rid of the fog in my head. Working in this organization for 3 months, I saw various aspects of work in the direction of environmental protection. For me, the doors opened into a huge new world, a real world full of different spheres of activity. First of all, this is communication with people. In any activity, especially in such a project which unites many countries, communication should be established. That's what I saw working here. Various conferences, constant calls, dialogues in Skype and other similar programs help to keep a hand on the pulse of events, control the situation, listen to new ideas and advices. I was really impressed by the level of work organization I saw and the full involvement of the project partners.

But of course this is  not all. I had many different tasks in which I could show myself and discover something new, develop and recognize myself. I was searching for information, drawing up documents, writing articles and it seems I did it not get bad) I climbed mountains in Transylvania and the Beskydy in search of traces of wolves and other large carnivores (fantasies about rabbits somehow have come to life). After all, no one canceled the field work. I was at conferences in Hungary and Romania where I saw how it is - right and accessible present information to interest people. There I met people from all over the world, from England and Norway, from Greece and Italy, from Romania and the Czech Republic and other countries. They told what they do, how they save nature, and I listened and gained experience.

I think these were the most useful, full of knowledge and impressions 3 months in my life. Thanks to the entire WWF DCP team and especially to Hildegard Meyer for the opportunity and time spent together. Thank you for giving me confidence and getting rid of this unpleasant confusion in my head. I hope all your goals, and it is a great goals, will be achieved. Good luck!!!"

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)