ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Sharing Experiences Gained During the Project at the International Workshop


The CO-TAMP and N-TAMP platforms were presented by the IAUS representative during the meeting and workshop of the project „Learning Economies. Modelling community-led local development for the sustainable economic trajectories of the Negotin and Zlatibor regions“, acronym MAECI, (bilateral scientific cooperation between Italy and Serbia), held on May 26th, 2018 in Belgrade, at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. Workshop was organised by the Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vittorio - FDV (ex IRES – Istituto Ricerche Economiche e Sociali), Rome, Italy together with the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.

Workshop was aimed to: finalize Web platform concept for supporting local led development, discuss how to formalise the web-platform to be presented and validated by stakeholders in municipalities of Čajetina and Negotin, meet available stakeholders from Čajetina for discussing important issues on Web platform concept, etc. Presentation of ATTRACTIVE DANUBE web GIS platforms was very interesting to attendants of the workshop. Also, IAUS presented conclusions from 4th SCOM meeting held in Sofia with focus on active role of stakeholders in the Participatory Planning Process of Attractive Danube project which led to establishment of CO-TAMP and N-TAMP platforms. Experiences gained within ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project was recognised as very helpful by the partners from the “Learning Economies” project.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)