D-STIR - public workshop in Stuttgart


The D-STIR public workshop aimed at drawing attention of the participants to responsible innovation. In order to do this, the moderators, Beata Udvari and Nikoletta Nadas (EMFIE, Hungary) led a simulation game on the impacts of owing a cleaning robot lady.

The participants worked in smaller groups representing different stakeholders (the profit-oriented producer company; the potential consumers of cleaning robot ladies - inlcuding housholds and companies, and the trade union of the cleaning ladies). There was a simulation of a public discussion when the stakeholders could pose their questions and concerns to the company. The discussion was very intense and the different interests of the different stakeholders could be caught. At the end, with the support of the moderators, the participants could idefinty the elements of responsible research and innovation.

Beata Udvari from EMFIE during the workshop

Working in small groups during D-STIR workshop in Stuttgart

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)