DRIM - DRIM competing in EU RegionsWeek’s campaign “Six projects, one slam”


We are happy to announce that DRIM project was nominated by Danube Transnational Program for a competition organized by EURegionsWeek. The competition is organized as a competition of projects, which use the story telling technique to present their achievements and aims.


Project DRIM decided to showcase one of the main achievements of the project so far – the information platform Danube Compass. Project DRIM builds on the real need of people using public services: to understand and to be heard by the service providers. In case of migrants, this need is only more emphasised; due to less familiarity with the system and the environment the access to information is often hindered or even made impossible. Information platform Danube Compass is thus a step in improving access to information for migrants as well as improve capacities of public authorities in Danube region to provide such information. 

The proposed performance builds on the enactment of a familiar situation where there is a communication misunderstanding between the public service provider and the user (in this case a migrant) and the resolution of this communication misunderstanding due to the output of the DRIM project - the Danube Compass information platform. 

The project enactment will be presented on a stage in the form of sketch comedy supported by a video presentation on the screen. A duo of actors on the stage portrays a series of real-life situations of misunderstandings and tensions between a state/municipality official and a migrant worker/person. The contrast between a detached official that communicates in abundance of legal terms and a migrant worker who is simple in appearance and speaks in a street language with a foreign accent is explored in a humorous manner. Through the dramatic arch, the communication between the two becomes more constructive and equal by using the Danube Compass (DC) – an online tool developed within the project. Through the involvement of the tool, the end user becomes empowered and able to solve his or her own problems quickly, efficiently and without much stress, while the public official can more efficiently fulfill his/her role. 

With the help of young second-generation migrants trained in another EU funded project as stand-up comedians, we have also made a teaser video to present our idea. See our teaser video and keep fingers crossed for DRIM to be selected to a grand stage of Brussels auditorium during EURegionsWeek meeting in October! 

SEE THE TEASER HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uQD8VLOxxc&t=4s

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)