DRIM - Danube Compass (DC): Did you know?


The transnational information platform, the Danube Compass, is a work of many European partners with the aim to provide information for migrants. Some useful facts.


The DC is available in 8 countries and in 21different languages:

Austria:                           English, German, Turkish, Arabic, Croatian

Czech Republic:           English, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Croatia:                           English, Croatian, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu

Germany:                       English, German, French, Romanian, Bulgarian

Hungary:                        English, Hungarian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese

Serbia:                             English, Serbian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese

Slovakia:                         English, Slovak, Serbian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Slovenia:                         English, Slovenian, Albanian, Bosnian, Russian


The DC consists of 213 entries per language.


Approx. 30 authors were writing the DC.


In each country and each language you can read about the same article:

For instance, you can inform about how to enrol your child in a preschool education centre in:


Austria:             For public preschool education, the admission takes place at the municipal office (Gemeinde or Magistrat). For private education institutions, the admission takes place at the institution itself.

Czech Republic:           You must contact the appropriate pre-school care provider.

Croatia:             Each year, kindergartens determine and announce the time and conditions for admission. Enrolment is open throughout the school year if there are vacancies.

Germany:                       The admission takes place at the institution itself.

Hungary:          If you have a child older than three, younger than 6 years you have to enrol him/her to kindergarten. The municipality as the maintainer of the institutions notifies you 30 days before the enrolment process starts.

Serbia:               You can initiate the enrolment procedure electronically (eУслуга option) or in person.

Slovakia:          Look for the kindergartens in your neighbourhood and check their dates of registration and admission criteria.

Slovenia:          The admission into the pre-school education takes place at the institution (vrtec), regardless if it is a public or private institution. You can register your child all year round.

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