CrowdStream - How to „Kraut“? Or: How does Crowdfunding really work?


Training session for micro-regional target groups with focus on Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The CrowdStream training session gathered 22 interested participants from the Austrian micro-region of Hollabrunn (Lower Austria) in order to shed light upon the crowdfunding concept, focusing on “social innovation and entrepreneurship”. The training session was organised in collaboration with the LEADER Region Weinviertel-Manhartsberg.

Four experts on the matter explained in detail the principles of implementing local bottom-up projects by using alternative financing forms. Special attention was given to the positive effects and additional functions of crowdfunding from the perspective of campaigners, approaches for addressing and involving local crowds and the practical preparatory work necessary for a crowdfunding campaign to be successful. The expert inputs were rounded by the personal experiences presented by two project initiators and campaigners. 

During three thematic dialogue tables on the topics “cultural & creative activities”, “community-based energy projects” and “social crowdfunding”, the participants had the chance to further elaborate their ideas in order to get a step further towards a potential crowdfunding campaign. Besides the general guidance for conducting a campaign, the trainees discussed quality criteria needed in this field and shared their expectations with the present experts.

The participants’ feedback proved to be positive: “I am very happy that I attended this session – I imagined crowdfunding a bit different, but now I know exactly how to continue shaping my idea!”


Copyright: CrowdStream / ConPlusUltra & LEADER Region Weinviertel-Manhartsberg

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)