CrowdStream - Crowdfunding Visions for the Danube Region are now online


CrowdStream project partners recently developed “Regional Visions” on alternative financing (Crowdfunding/CF) for setting long-term goals in addressing challenges in their regions.

Most regions envision the establishment of regional contact points on crowdfunding together with capacity building in regional business support organization in order to strengther their role as CF promoters and service providers. As another key element to strengthen the take-up of CF mechanisms in the Danube area, partner regions address the need for awareness raising and enhanced knowledge transfer to potential CF campaigners from the target groups of innovative start-ups, SME and social enterprises. The introduction of crowdfunding issues at the level of regional innovation support measures, e.g. in  start-up acceleration programmes completes the visionary suggestions of the CrowdStream consortium. All partners plan to contribute content from their visions to ongoing strategic discussions related to further development of regional innovation eco-systems beyond 2020.

With regard to future CrowdStream project activities, the Regional Visions pave the way for detailed action planning at partner region level to improve the framework conditions for alternative finance for start-ups, SME and social enterprises.

The Visions are available under:

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)