LENA - Policy workshop held by WWF Romania in Bohinj


Bohinj (Slovenia), 5.06.2018 – During last week team meeting of the project, a policy workshop was held aiming to discuss with stakeholders policy makers from different levels (local, national, EU) the policy analysis developed within LENA project.

The analysis evaluates to which extent nature based business and jobs are integrated and promoted by relevant sectoral policies (agriculture and rural development, tourism, fishery, etc.).  

5 sectors, which are directly related to the activities developed in the Natura 2000 pilot areas of LENA project, were chosen for policy analysis:

  1. Management and conservation of protected areas
  2. Sustainable agriculture (including livestock production and farming) in protected areas (Ecological Focus Areas, Young farmers etc.)
  3. Sustainable fishing practices 
  4. Sustainable wild-harvesting, processing and trade of wild plants (including medicinal plants, berries, and nuts)
  5. Ecotourism & green mobility in natural & rural areas

For the preparation of the policy analysis, research and data collection on the current national policies and their impact have been conducted in each pilot area with the involvement of LENA partners.  

Following the participatory process of developing the policy analysis, the recommendations for strategic actions will be tailor-made to specific target groups and communicated in meetings with stakeholders and policy makers at local, national, Danube region and EU level to: EUSDR structures and players (National Focal Points, Danube Strategy Point, etc.), European Commission and management authorities of funding programmes, ministries, national and sub-national planning and protected areas management authorities.

Results of the policy workshop, which will provide space for facilitated discussions, will be integrated in the workshop report and used for revisions of the policy document.

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