The celebration of the World Day of Art Nouveau 2018 was a big succes in Oradea! The event organized with the support of the Danube Transnational Programme and part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, attracted altogether more than 5000 visitors.

The guided tours organized at the most important buildings of the city were attended by more than 1000 persons in the two days of the event. Those interested had the opportunity to enter and visit the Art Nouveau interiors of the selected buildings, getting familiarized with the peculiarities of this spectacular artistic movement.

One element of attraction was the joint photographic exhibition, prepared at project level through the contribution of the partner organizations, which was displayed in the main square of the city. The visitors found out interesting details about the life and work of the most important architects from the Danube region, which influenced and promoted the Art Nouveau movement during the last decades of 19th, and the beginning of 20th century. The muscial background was ensured by a concert of classic music offered by Oradea Philharmony, the repertoire being selected from the composers of that historical period.

The main attraction was the video mapping show (a production of AtLast, Mindscape Studio, Apart Production) which was using the facade of the most important Art Nouveau building of Oradea - the Black Eagle Palace - as a screen for a spectacular projection, introducing the participants into the magic of the abundant decorations specific for the Art Nouveau movement.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)