DRIM - Presentation of DRIM at the Western Balkans Migration Network Conference


The third annual conference of the Western Balkans Migration Network (WB MIGNET), entitled  "A search for that special place under the sun in modern Europe: migration in the twenty first century" was held on May 25- 26, 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia. With the aim of strengthening an interdisciplinary approach to the study of migration, it gathered more than 60 participants from the academic community, international organisations, state institutions and NGOs. The opening plenary speech on fluid and fragmentary contemporary migration movements was held by one of the most prominent scholars in migration and mobility studies professor Russell King. Professor Aija Lulle discussed the concept of European peripheries, while dr. Ferruccio Pastore provided an overview of the economic crisis in connection with migration movements in the last decade. Besides twenty scientific and professional contributions, a panel discussion on refugees along the so-called Balkan route was also held.

Martina Bofulin and Sanja Cukut Krilić, DRIM project members, presented the paper entitled
Enabling Integration through Access to Information: The Overview of Information
Services for Migrants in the Danube Region and Beyond. In the paper, they provided an overview of the importance of access to information for migrants, connecting the issue to the emergence of new digital technologies and new migration movements in the Danube region. The second part of the paper discussed the importance and the scope of the DRIM project in this regard. The book of abstracts can be downloaded at: http://www.eizg.hr/UserDocsImages/edukacije/konferencija/book_of_abstracts.pdf 


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)