Transdanube.Pearls - Project presentation at international conferences on mobility


Presentation of Transdanube.Pearls at the 5th SUMP Conference in Nicosia and the ECOMM in Upsala

Transdanube.pearls has been represented at two important international conferences: 
the 5th SUMP Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus on 14-15 May 2018 and the ECOMM Conference in Upsala on 31 May - 1 June 2018.

Our project partner, Lucia Illieva (CSDCS) participated both conferences and took the chance to disseminate information and communication material on the project Transdanube.Pearls.

During the ECOMM 2018 conference she had the chance to present the concept for the elaboration of Sustainable Regional Tourism and Mobility Plans (SRTMP) at the Challenge session. The guidelines for elaborating SRTMPs are the result of a project activity led by CSDCS. Based on this, project partners started elaborating and implementing such sustainable regional tourism and mobility plans in their regions. With the presentation of this issue, Mrs. Illieva provoked a lively discussion among participants such as mobility experts and cities' representatives.

Besides, the 5th SUMP Conference focused on "Planning for multimodal cities" and emphasized various transport modes, their integration and combined mobility solutions for passengers and freight in cities and regions. During this conference, Mrs. Illieva hold a presentation "From SUMP to SRTMP along the Danube" during the session "Adressing islands and tourism-related mobility". 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)