Transdanube.Pearls - Article on TDP published in a Magazine


In March 2018, an article about the project Transdanube.Pearls has been published in the magazin "Danube Connects". The article addresses the project objectives and goals, the choice of the right means of transport and the current lack of sufficient transnational tourism and mobility offers along the Danube.

Besides, information on the Assessment Tour carried out in Summer 2017 have been provided. During this tour, an expert team travelled along the Danube in 22 Days - encompassing more than 9 countries and more than 15 regions solely by using sustainable means of transport. 

For the article, the mobility expert, Andreas Friedwagner and the tourism expert, Dejan Veselinov have been interviewed and took the chance to report about their experiences on travelling along the Danube - sustainably. For further information, read the article either in the subsection Communication Material or directly here in English and in German.

The magazine “danube connects” serves as international platform for Danube journalists writing about co-operations, partnerships, projects and further information from the countries along the Danube.

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