ResInfra@DR - Video: The Pilot Actions Kick-off Meeting in Prague in December 2017 - watch now!


The video features main highlights from the first day of the Pilot Actions Kick-off Meeting in Prague in the end of last year (December 6-7, 2017): 27 representatives of the project partners and external experts participated in the sessions: Click here to watch video...

A brief summary on content:
The main focus of meeting comprised the preparation of Peer Review process targeting existing Research Infrastructures (Pilot activity 1) and Ex ante assessment of planned Research Infrastructures (Pilot activity 2).  The welcome address was delivered by Tomáš Marvan, deputy director of the Institute of Philosophy of the CAS. This was followed short reflections by Felix Gajdusek and Jan Balon who introduced the ResInfra@DR project and pilot actions (work package 5) respectively. Jan Hrušák then discussed ESFRI (European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures) activities.

The following session consisted of presentations on research infrastructures that are intended to be analysed in the peer-review process -  these were delivered by Atanas Palazov, Alessandro Crise, Yana Leontiyeva, Lucia Grešová and Lubomír Palucha.

Kalin Mutavchiev and Michal Kvasnička then shared important information about their experience gained in the evaluation processes of research centres and research infrastructures in Bulgaria and Czech Republic. The agenda was closed by group discussion.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)