NETWORLD - Interreg Volunteer Youth



For all young Europeans there is a little known way to get work experience abroad for anything between two to six months and get paid for it as well: Interreg VolunteerYouth.

If you are a young European between 18 and 30 years old, you can become a volunteer working inside Interreg projects. The working period is two to six months max. You will get a daily allowance for every day abroad (including weekends) and maybe some extra money for travel. The amounts vary per country from 17 € to 26 € per day. Not much maybe, but often host organizations help with some extra pocket money, cheap accommodation etc. You are explicitly not supposed to do simple logistics work for the host organization but be actively involved in realizing an Interreg project and get knowledge about every aspect of such projects. At the end, you will get a certificate from the EU that you participated. Given that Interreg is one of the largest most transnational funding sources of the EU, experience in such projects is a good extra on your CV.  

Getting in is very simple. Go to the site of the European Solidarity Corps, find out what it is about, and then register. Or go directly to the registration page.  After you register, you get a reference number which you send to Even better, find a project you are interested in under the placement offers, and mention that in your email. 

The NETWORLD project partner Rozmberk Society (Nove Hrady, Czech Republic) will announce its projects there as well. The interested persons also can contact Rozmberk Society directly at



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)