GREEN DANUBE - synergies with DTP projects


During the last few days GREEN DANUBE lead partner CERONAV and project partner ACTEDJ participated in two events organised by synergetic projects Danube SKILLS and DANTE.

At the first event, organised in Constanta, Danube SKILLS partners completed the training session of the first course developed for safe practices in emergencies that may occur during river operations, a major first step in the project's efforts to support the implementation of European Directive 2017/2397 on the recognition of professional qualifications in the field of inland waterway navigation, as well as the follow-up debates on the further actions in this direction.

The training sessions were followed by a full Partner Meeting, where synergies between GREEN DANUBE and Danube SKILLS were presented while also observing outputs and events of common interest for all projects invited. The presence of both Ms Cristina Cuc, deputy EUSDR coordinator for Priority Area 1a and Mr Johannes Gabriel, representative of Danube Transnational Programme contributed to the effectiveness of this meeting regarding cooperation within the programme.

The event organised in Galati, the National Workshop of the Interreg Project DANTE – Improving Administrative Procedures and Processes for Danube IWT was the third one in a series of meetings that aim to gather at a round table all the involved partners in developing best practices and methodologies regarding the effective administration of the inland waterways transport. The purpose of these meetings is to determine the current administrative barriers in IWT in an operative manner that can find effective ways of tackling them, by reducing or even eliminating the bureaucracy, thus gaining time and economic resources for all the parties.

 A very important output that DANTE has launched is the Transnational IWT barrier reporting tool, an innovative, multi-language reporting tool for collecting all the relevant input on every-day barriers from the IWT stakeholders:

For GREEN DANUBE synergy, the information and outputs of DANTE could be made available in the EICs, enhancing the visibility of the INTERREG projects and contributing to both of the projects’ objectives, to increase the intensity of cooperation between the Danubian countries, ultimately ensuring long-term transnational cooperation.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)