DanuBioValNet - The 1 st Training on the Development of New Cluster Services


Invitation to the 1st Training on the Development of New Cluster Services, Sofia in connection with the TCI.


Over the last 15 years clusters have been proven to be main drivers of regional competitiveness based on innovation and internationalization.

Although all business is local, recent global developments put an additional challenge on the innovative SMEs of finding their place in new industrial value chains.

The transition of a fossil-based to a bio-based industry addresses some of the main challenges identified in the Danube region and needs to be done by connecting enterprises from different regions and industries. The current situation shows that due to a missing holistic transnational approach Danube actors in the bio-based industry still operate disconnected and cannot properly benefit from the huge potential.

The example of bio-based industry illustrates the increasing cross-sectoral character of the business environment cluster managements are operating in. Appropriate strategies and the development new business services can be promising approaches by cluster managements to better cope with success challenges for the benefit of the related SMEs. . Cluster managers need to acquire new skills, exchange and transfer knowledge and be part of established innovative networks, escpecially in the field of bio-based industries.

The “Danubiovalnet” project, run by 15 partners can be considered as a frontrunner initiative in this regard and is pleased of inviting you to participate to the 1st Danubiovalnet Training on the Development of New Cluster Services which will take place in Sofia. The training will also emphasise the importance cluster management excellent and inform about the new European approach towards cluster excellence, which is currently under development by ESCARD.

Participation is free of charge but for organizational reasons it is required to register here. The event will be held in English and the agenda is here.

If you need additional information, please write an email to:

Mr. Svetlin Ranguelov

Association of Business Clusters


Phone: +359 878 238326

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Mr. Svetlin Ranguelov

Association of Business Clusters


Phone: +359 878 238326

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)