FORESDA - FBI Innovation Projects at Kuchl Campus: Check out latest innovation ideas!


During the ongoing project meeting of FORESDA consortium, which is being held in Kuchl near Salzburg, the host partner, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, organized a study tour on the Kuchl Kampus. The ongoing impressive R&D activities include projects and research of the tannin foams, which have shown interesting properties such as their strong resistance to fire, the high water uptaking and the remarkable low thermal conductivity. Another interesting innovation is linked to the combining of leather fiber with wood fibers in order to produce a panel also with strong fire resistance. Students are strongly involved in the R&D&I activities, and Campus Kuchl is a perfect example on how the synergy established between creative students' ideas and experienced professors, can result in the innovative projects. If you are interested in more R&D&I activities of Salzburg University of Applied Science linked to the wood, visit Kuchl, and find out more on all great characteristics of the unique material called - wood, a most versatile building material in the nature! 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)