Our partner, Department of Labour and Economic Development, Local Employment and Qalification Policy of City of Munich, organized third pilot action review for the DRIM partners. During observation of two separate testings of the Danube Compass Germany - one with individuals from the target group "migrants" and one with employees of public institutions and NGOs - some important insight into the most useful inprovements for Danube Compass was made. Among these the most prominent were the continuous improvements of the online platform's CMS, especially for the platform's mobile version as well as improvements in the data provision in some areas of the DC Germany. The pilot action review also made space for partners to interact with target groups in order to better understand their needs with regard to access to information, also highlighting their exisitng ways of obtaining information. These insights are crucial to understand and improve the users' access to information and through the execution of pilot action we can also observe the locality-specific needs and reactions to the tool. DRIM consortium is thankful to all individuals, being migrants or public institutions' representatives, for their time and engagement with our tool. 


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)