DRIM - capitalisation activities - meeting with the representatives of the CEI - Central European Initiative


ZRC SAZU DRIM team was visited today by Mr. Ugo Poli and Mrs. Olga Izquierdo Sottorrio from the Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat (CEI - ES). The meeting was part of the capitalisation efforts by DRIM to establish a platform of similar projects addressing migration and integration-related projects within and across Danube region. CEI, which is involved in an ESPON targeted research project  ‘Territorial and Urban Potentials Connected to Migration and Refugee Flows’ as well as in projects within the DTP and the ADRION platform, is a regional intergovernmental forum of 18 countries in Central and South East Europe. Among its missions is strengthening European legislation, also in the area of the governance of migration. As such, CEI is a valuable partner in DRIM projects' efforts to raise awareness of migrants' need and right to access to information. During the meeting, several fields of future collaboration were identified; participating in the CEI initiatives, participation at MIGNET events as well as CEI events dedicated to topics of migration; joint application in calls that would ensure the sustainability of ESPON as well as DRIM results and the possibility of transferability of Danube Compass information platform to Italy and other countries. Martina Bofulin and Sanja Cukut Krilić, the authors of the DRIM Slovenia's country profile on migration and integration situation, also gave an expert interview on the migration situation in Slovenia to be used for ESPON's analysis and outputs.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)