Transdanube.Pearls - First Project Outputs uploaded on the website


The first project outputs have been uploaded on the project websites. These refer to three important areas of the project:
1. The implementation of a network of Transdanube.Pearls
2. The creation and establishment of new mobility and tourism services
3. The provision of mobility and tourism information

For this purpose, the elaborated guidelines indicate successfull patterns, steps to be taken and good practices for the implementation of new services and information. Within these guidelines, funding schemes and options have been considered and outlined for providing guidance on a step by step intiation of new services depending on the local and regional circumstances and demand. These guideline include the following topics:

  • Bike rental systems
  • Bike carriage 
  • Bike parking systems
  • Flexible Transport Systems
  • Combining cycling with public transport
  • Mobility Information Centers
  • Sustainable transnational mobility products in tourism

Besides, the common standards have been uploaded. These standards define the quality level of each future pearl that visits can expect when visiting a so-called "Transdanube.Pearls". This quality criteria refer to sustainable mobility services, tourism offers and mobility and tourism information provide for locals and visitors. From the perspective of the project level, these common standards define the milestone and the first step for establishing a network of Transdanube.Pearls along the Danube. 

For an overview of these outputs go to the subsection library.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)