CityWalk - Preparation of action plan for walking on LSG meeting in Ptuj (Slovenia)


The first official meeting of LSG meeting (local stakeholder group) oranized by CityWalk project partner Scientific Research centre Bistra Ptuj (Slovenia) took place on December 20, 2017 in City Municipality of Ptuj. The meeting was attended by a wider working group, containing representatives of different institutions in the city (local community: mayor, deputy mayor, project office of the municipality, department for spatial planning, department for investment and maintenance, an organization from the field of development of tourism, companies, others).

At the meeting the duration, value, goals, purpose, activities of the project CityWalk were presented. A report was presented on the progress and upcomming work of project activities: base line study, practical guide for walkability planning, 2 day training course, interactive workshops, guidebook for designing walkability plans, walkabilty guide, index measuring the level of walkability, online walkability tool. There was also a special aphasize on the local activities of the project: local walkability plan of the pilot area:

  1. Preparation of the action plan for walking – designing concept dormant traffic in wider area of the old city centre with prepared ideas, suggestions and solutions for dormant traffic. During the preparation project partner will execute a training for the emloyees at the city municipality of Ptuj for the preparation of this plan.
  2. Preparation of two maps used for promotion activities of the city Ptuj:
    • a 3D photorealistic panoramic map of the city centre for the needs of digital presentation over the internet/world wide web, in social media and other digital media, 
    • an illustrated 3D panoramic map of Ptuj with added detailed illustrations of landmarks.

      Foto: Arhiv MapDesig d.o.o.
  3. To make and install 3 big boards (approx. 2,0 × 1,5 m) with new maps that will replace old boards in the city.
  4. Part of the management concept in the wider area of the old city centre of Ptuj is also a circular path in the old city centre. It will include 15 smaller directional boards that will mark the landmarks, walking distance to the landmark and the direction.

Foto: Arhiv GEOFOTO d.o.o.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)