CityWalk - RDA of Pilsen Region and City of Stříbro organized their 1st LSG meeting


On December 20, 2017 Regional Development Agency of Pilsen Region together with the associated partner City of Stříbro organized their 1st Local Stakeholder Group meeting of the CityWalk project with the aim to start on the elaboration of local Walkability plan of City of Stříbro. Representatives of the local authority and affiliated organizations (schools and local police) attended the meeting. 

First part of the meeting has been dedicated to the introduction of the CityWalk project and the role of local partnership based in Stříbro. The second part of the meeting was aimed at the key trends relevant to walkability. Using findings from the Walkability planning guide there were discussed topic such as dominance of the individual transport affecting lack of parking space (mostly within city center and in residential areas), evident preference of the motorized transport within physical infrastructure and public spaces and finally also lack of active mobility related to the bad effect on the health. On the other hand general aspects were discussed that should be considered within the support of higher level of walkability (accessibility, transmittance, safety, functional, technical and esthetical values, conditions for people with special needs, attractiveness of the public transport and also the rising interest for healthier life style). Based on those inputs the specific conditions of City of Stříbro were reflected. Concrete examples were: definition of concrete overloaded streets in Stribro (e.g. Palackého, unsafety crossing of pedestrians “u Jána”), obstacles sometimes originated within the use of norms (transport and building law) etc. The general safety has also been mentioned (regarding the situation of higher quantity of foreign workers moved to Stříbro in consequence of economic growth) as a one of important obstacles for having more walkable city. Some project ideas have been mentioned: building the new traffic playground for pupil's education and new innovative solutions for public transit.

The initial situation regarding walkability in Stříbro was also a discussed topic on the LSG meeting. The base for that were mostly key valid planning documents such as "Urban plan" (approved by city council in 2014) and the "Program of the development of Stříbro" approved in 2016. Both documents are addressing the walkability. Key priorities are similar, for example the completion of the cycle path connecting Stříbro and its affiliated local part Těchlovice, or urban and also walkable integration of former military area to be renewed as a new functional part of Stříbro into the urban structure of the city (as the mixed zone).

Special attention was devoted to the field research, which has been concluded within the strategic planning process in Stříbro, which revealed the highest priority of inhabitants related to the quality and functionality of local transport infrastructure (which means that issue of local transport conditions belongs to those aspects with worst ranking).

Concrete comments have been formulated again, such as involvement of schools into the process of walkability planning. This proposal has been considered as very important since there are two elementary schools facing quite significant problem of relatively high share of pupils commuting to school with their parents in cars causing congestions within neighbourhood (recommendation for special attention to this during the analytical phase). Representative of one of elementary schools in Stříbro declared the willingness to actively take part in the process of walkability planning and proposed to involve pupils into it.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)