RARE - Stakeholder meeting in Serbia


Different stakeholders should intensify their efforts to exchange ideas about systemic, strategic and practical measures which could help tackle Roma exclusion from labour market- agreed all participants on the stakeholder meeting in Serbia. It was the first of a series of stakeholder meetings planned by RARE project.

The meeting was organised by Roma Inclusion Office in cooperation with project partners - League of Roma and Know-How Center. It was chaired by Ljiljana Mihajlović, President of Steering Committee at the Roma Inclusion Office (RIO).

The meeting was attended by representatives nominated by National Employment Service, National Coordination Body for monitoring of the implementation of the Strategy for Inclusion of Roma Men and Women, regional and municipal administrations, vocational institutions, civil society organizations, public authorities, association of employers as well as employers.


The purpose of the first meeting was to inform members of the stakeholders group about the project and develop a common understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Stakeholders group, in particular – development of Action plan for public services delivery improvements and restructuring related to the Roma labour  market activation and Policy recommendations on Roma labour market activation interventions.

The focus of discussion was directed to necessity of cooperation between the public service and employers as well as importance of exchange of good practices.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)