CrowdStream - Project synergies: CrowdStream results were presented at Moveco partner meeting in Osijek



Crowdfunding can apply to various topics and circular economy could be one of them. These possibilities were recognized by CrowdStream and Moveco (promoting circular economy in the Danube Region). The willingness for synergies resulted in an invitation for a CrowdStream presentation at the Moveco partner meeting which took place in Osijek on December 6, 2017. Besides a project presentation, CrowdStream Project partner ConPlusUltra explained the crowdfunding concept and current status in the Danube Region. As part of the project results, successful examples from the regions were presented as well. In order to intensify mutual exchange of experience during, Moveco partners invited the CrowdStream representative also to participate in the thematic workshops regarding consumers, producers and extended producer responsibility organisations.

Copyright / Photos: CrowdStream

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)