Transdanube.Pearls - Training for sustainable mobility managers organized by SERDA


The South-East-Regional Development Agency succesfully organized and completed a training session about the "Development of the Management Capacity and Sustainable Mobility in Danube Delta". The training sessions took place on 22 November, 7 and 14 December 2017. 

At the training session participated representatives of local public authorities, as well as other stakeholders from public transport and tourism area.

Within the training session in mobility management, the following themes were approached:

- the role of the local and regional stakeholders from tourism and transport sector in the successful implementation of the project activities and in the promotion of the sustainable mobility in Danube Delta beyond project lifetime;

 -the basics of the mobility management;

 - mobility management measures in the area;

 - basics of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan;

 - the concept of Sustainable Regional Tourism Mobility Plan and the steps of its elaboration;

 - selection of mobility measures in Danube Delta  touristic region;

 - the concept of Regional Mobility Center;

 -the main local stakeholders involved in mobility management and their responsabilities;

. -profile of the mobility officer working in the Regional Mobility Center or in the hotels;

At the end of the session, all the participants were awarded with training certificates in the mobility management.

The regional training is the follow-on action of the transnational training organized for 30 partners and stakeholders form the tourism and mobility sector in Silistra, Bulgaria from 5-7 October. Based on this training, all project partners will adapt the training material to the country-specific framework conditions and carry out regional trainings in order to transmit their acquired knowledge to stakeholders and to embed the concept of sustainable mobility in tourism on the regional level. In this context, partners from Bratislava successfully realized the regional training. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)