DRIM partners gathered in Zagreb for a peer review of pilot action taking place there in the organization of Center for Peace Studies. The partners first discussed the overall migration and integration situation in Croatia, the needs of migrants regarding information and challenges they face in their everyday life. Later everybody joined the testing of Danube Compass with a group of refugees and asylum seekers leaving in Zagreb. Through testing designed as a mock test of a real life situation the participants had to find the most effective way of acquiring information in order to solve a particular situation. After the test the discussion followed where strengths and shortcomings of Danube Compass were discussed as well as solutions suggested. The overall testing was conducted in a very welcoming atmosphere and DRIM partners are indebted to participants to find time for joining them, despite their busy schedules.

After the completion of the peer review, the press conference was organized where Sara Kekuš, manager for Croatina project team presented the project and pilot action to the local media, while Martina Bofulin and Nataša Rogelja from the DRIM LP spoke about the overall impact of the project as well as on the reasons behind the project inception. Martina Maria Linzer and Marta Ribas from Austrian DRIM team presented the situation in Graz, Austria, especially from the point of view of labour market integration measures and the empowerment of migrants through learning and civic education.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)