ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Steering Committee Meeting in Freiburg


First year of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project implementation concluded by a Steering Committee meeting that was held from 27th to 30th November in Freiburg, Germany. This meeting was organised and hosted by Aiforia.


City of Freiburg

After another six months of implementation, meeting with stakeholders at national workshops and deciding about relevant indicators of attractiveness project partners had a unique chance to share their experience with others from the project consortium. It is always amazing to see, how the geographical, political, social or historical assets of each country raise different issues and challenges. Indicators representing attractiveness and sustainability differ country by country. But isn’t it the difference making our lives so variable? Inputs for the third round of national workshops collected!


Project partners share experiences with stakeholder’s participation in a breakout session

Freiburg, being the leading European city on its way to sustainability, offers many places for a study visit. Experts from Aiforia, locally set agency for sustainability, were the right guides for the Freiburg districts strictly developed with public participation. At this occasion project partners could see the Vauban district, Freiburg city centre and Rieselfeld district.



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)