JOINTISZA - Consultation timeline is published, so book time in your agenda!


River basin planning follows a structured approach: finding out the facts, deciding on the necessary actions, making a management plan, and carrying out the plan. Consultation and the involvement of interested parties are key elements of the process. While key stakeholders bring considerable technical expertise, knowledge and understanding, the views of the public who will be affected or who are likely to be affected by, or who have an interest in, decisions concerning the use and protection of waters are also essential.

Public consultations will take place at various stages during the updating process of the draft Integrated Tisza River Basin Management Plan (ITRBMP) on the following topics: Significant Water Management Issues (SWMIs); and the updated draft of the ITRBMP including the Joint Programme of Measures. A basin-wide consultation meeting will take place in March 2019. 

Please consult the accompanying (tentative) consultation timetable. Continue to check the website for final dates and further details. Now’s your chance to get involved!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)