NETWORLD International Conference and the 2nd partners’ meeting took place on 27th-28th of November, 2017 in Bucharest with the National Institute of Research and Development in Tourism (INCDT), Romania as an organizer of the event. The conference ran under the title “Tourism valorization of the First World War and other cultural heritage”. After the welcome speeches of Mr. Victor Timotin from INCDT and Mr. Cezar Batog from the Romania Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Ms. Vesna Kozar (Soča Valley Development Center, Slovenia) and Ms. Maša Klavora (The Walk of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation, Slovenia) made a short presentation of NETWORLD project to give insight on project aims and activities to Conference guests. The first day of the final events was dedicated to World War I heritage with reference to its protection and promotion under the Walk of Peace common brand, establishment, perspectives for development and planning of sustainable cultural tourism in partners’ regions. There were 56 participants who have registered for the conference, showing great interest in the memorials, case studies and good examples related to WW1 heritage and cultural tourism in Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Romania and Bulgaria.

While the first day of NETWORLD project events was dedicated to presenting WWI heritage management, promotion and sustainable cultural tourism in the Danube region, the second day - supervised by Soča Valley Development Center (LP), consisted of more reporting activities by respective Coordinators on implementation of project work packages (WPs), followed by lively discussions with the active involvement of all partners. The day was dedicated to collection of information on WPs advancement and to agree on next steps towards the successful completion of the 2nd project period.

During the second day, the host organization INCDT has organized also a study visit at the National Museum of Romanian History where a temporary exhibition of WWI was presented to the Network partners.



Author: Todorka Dimitrova

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)