ACCELERATOR - 4th Working Group & Steering Committee meeting in Sofia


At 27-28th November 2017, the partnership held its 4th Working Group & Steering Committee meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria. The scheduling of the meeting was as follows: approval of Output 3.1 (Policy framework summary report), Output 3.2 (Demand and supply summary report) and Output 3.3 (Joint guide to develop acceleration programmes). For now, WP3 is considered to be closed (further improvements will be made to the guidelines after the piloting activities). At the second half of the day, the partnership started a joint discussion on planned pilots – each partner was obliged to present their accelerator programme scheme which is based on a template provided by the WP4 leader. During the coffee breaks, the partners had the opportunity to visit an incubator house. The partners continued to hold their presentations during the second day of the meeting. The expert of the lead partner also hold a presentation about project management activities, upcoming tasks, reporting activities and the financial part of the project. The representative of WP2 also hosted a presentation about communication activities.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)