CrowdStream - CrowdStream participated in a high-ranking discussion on regional strategy embedding of Interreg projects in Austria


On November 30, the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning together with the national Interreg NCPs organised the networking event „TransnATional VernETZt: INNOVATION!“ for all project participants and programme stakeholders involved in the innovation priorities of Interreg (CE, DTP, ASP). CrowdStream presented project outputs which will be useful at the regional level in Austria. In the afternoon a high ranking discussion on the regional strategy embedding of Interreg projects in Austria took place. Representatives from state institutions, Interreg programmes and current projects exchanged views on capitalisation at regional innovation policy level, addressing of local topics and challenges and the flexibility of project implementation within international partnerships. An innovative approach of simultanuous visual documentation (see picture) inspired all participants for an in-depth discussion of strategic topics in the course of the workshop.

CrowdStream participants from PP ConPlusUltra established contacts with the representatives from several Interreg projects working on aspects of alternative finance mechanisms in their projects and discussed further synergies and mutual experience exchange.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)