DARLINGe - Thematic Pole 8 Capitalisation Session at the 6th Annual Forum of EUSDR, October 18-19, 2017, Budapest


The Danube Transnational Programme Capitalisation Strategy aims to strengthen the links between projects working on similar topics (Thematic Poles), to enable projects to exploit and consolidate one another's achievements, and create a higher leverage effect. The Thematic Pole 8 (TP8) aim is to reinforce the influence of sustainable energy community to the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (Priority Area 2 of the EUSDR „To Encourage More Sustainable Energy.") and further programming of EU funds investment to sustainable energy. Within TP8 there are 3 projects at the moment: 

3Smart - to provide a technological and legislative setup for cross-spanning energy management of buildings, grids and major city infrastructures in the Danube Region 

Energy Barge - to exploit the potential for green energy in the form of biomass along the Danube river in a sustainable way, thereby increasing energy security and efficiency in the Danube countries.

DARLINGe - to enhance the sustainable utilization of the existing, however still largely untapped deep geothermal resources in the S-ern part of the Pannonian Basin for the benefits of the heating sector

TP8 is lead by DARLINGe project and held its first public workshop in the frame of "Capitalisation Session" at the 6th Annual Forum of EUSDR. The workshop, moderated by Mr Pál Ságvári, PAC of PA2 had more than 40 attendants. The 3 projects were briefly introduced by the project leaders and than synergies, common goals and future joint activites were discussed.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)