RARE - Roma in the EU face antigypsyism and everyday discrimination


According to most members of the European Parliament (EP), Romani people throughout the European Union (EU) are being denied access to education, employment and health care. Some are forcibly displaced and racist assaults on them are investigated very slowly.

Romani people face constant, structural discrimination daily which must end. Those are the findings of a report that was adopted by most of the EP.

The MEPs who adopted the report are deeply disturbed by the phenomenon of Romani children being removed from their families and are calling on the Member States to immediately investigate such cases and prevent their recurrence. The countries where Romani women have been illegally sterilized should also apologize and compensate the victims of such treatment.

It is also of concern to the MEPs who adopted the report that most of the main EU programs are unable to deliver aid to Romani citizens. They have called on the Commission, the Court of Auditors and the Member States to monitor the effectiveness of EU programs and to arrange for activities financed by the EU to combat segregation and promote inclusion.

Financing should be cut off in cases of abuse. The EP has also called on the Commission to launch infringement proceedings against those Member States that violate or fail to implement the Equal Treatment Directive.




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