Danube GeoTour - Lead Partner Idrija Unesco Global Geopark: Activities within Work Packages 4 and 5


On 10 October 2017, members of the working group took a field trip to the Dolenjsko region as part of their preparations for a pilot geoproduct. The participants looked at the best practice example - the development and marketing of the collective trademark Dobrote Dolenjske (the Dolenjsko delicacies). Ms Barbara Jerovšek from the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Temenica and Mirna valleys presented their organisation, modus operandi, development, marketing and upgrading techniques for their trademark. More than 350 certified products, primarily culinary products, some rural handicrafts, and craft products bear the trademark. A shop in Trebnje is equipped with a kitchen that complies with HACCP standards. There, pastry, jams, syrups, and liqueurs are prepared. A packaging station, a warehouse, and a herb drying unit are also on site. At the core of the trademark is the fact that as much as 70% of ingredients originate from Dolenjsko. Besides the shop in Trebnje there is also a shop in the centre of Ljubljana. The products are on offer at the OMV petrol stations and Mercator shops. The story of the trademark is certainly one of success, and a fine example of co-operation of various stakeholders, all of which is contributing to the welfare of the locals.

The study trip organized within the IGGP programme was also an opportunity to see more best practice examples of visitors’ centres - one is planned for the Idrija Geopark as well. On 12 October, we visited the visitors’ centre in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Mittersill, Austria. A modern exhibition called “10 Worlds Under One Roof” is equipped with multimedia devices, 3D, and offers a 360° view of nature, scale models, original objects and replicas intended to bring the alpine nature closer to visitors – its characteristics, animal and plant life, riches of rocks and minerals. The centre offers many interactive contents.

The visitors’ centre in the UNESCO Erz der Alpen Geopark is located at the foot of the well-known ski jump in Bishofshofen. It serves as a starting point for tours to other Geopark’s geopoints presented at the centre with the sole purpose of enticing us to see them in nature. A part of the exhibition is a mineshaft. Here, the visitor gets an overview of the Geopark with all geopoints, tourist mines, and museums in the area. Multivision and a short film about surrounding mines complement the exhibition. Recently, an exhibition of ski history has been added to the existing one.



Picture 1: Impression of the collective trademark Dobrote Dolenjske

Picture 2: The visitor centre in Mittersill, national park Hohe Tauern

Picture 3: Entrance to the visitor centre of the Unesco Global Geopark Ore of the Alps

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