AgriGo4Cities - Strong institutions are precondition for resilient regions and cities


Almost 90 participants from different EU member states arrived to Brussels to take part in an event during this year's European Week of Regions and Cities. The workshop took place at the conference centre Borschette. It was focused on horizontal and transnational aspects of public administration and its territorial and international dimension. 

Main workshop's information:
TITLE: Better institutions for more resilient regions and cities
GOAL: To connect the aims of territorial cohesion and multilevel governance with the need for increased institutional capacity.
DATE: 10 October 2017
LOCATION: Brussels

The workshop addressed three main strands:
- Increasing the administrative capacity in general, especially in Eastern and Southern Europe;
- Better spending of EU Funds;
- Transnational, interregional and macro-regional forms of cooperation for institutional learning (also with regards to EU enlargement & neighborhood policy)

At the conference, our project leader dr. Jani Kozina, introduced AgriGo4Cities project which is focused on urban agriculture as a tool for bringing people together to participate in the decision-making process, as a strategy to increase socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable groups and as an example for sustainable urban development.

Mr Kozina was giving presentation on AgriGo4Cities project.

Among other speakers, allow us to mention Mr Gabriel Johannes and Mr Rudolf Schicker who provided a valuable information about EU finding opportunities. Mr Johannes is a Coordinator of PA 4 of the Danube Transnational Programme and Mr Schicker coordinates a PA 10 of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region.

Mr Johannes and Mr Schicker were addressing the audience by informing them on how to successfully apply for EU funds.

See event's foto gallery here.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)